Tiny Flash

The world's most compact camera flash.

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In Your Pocket

With Tiny Flash, we managed to cram a decent amount of light into a very compact form-factor.  Using a flash no longer means carrying a bulky flash in your bag or on your camera.

In fact, it’s so small and inconspicuous that you will likely want to keep it mounted onto your camera at all times.

We believe we have designed the World’s most compact camera flash. It is simply the smallest flash we know. Period.

Analog & Digital

Whether you shoot analog or digital, the latest high megapixel sensor or a vintage camera, Tiny Flash has you covered.

Stripping down Tiny Flash from any complexity and keeping the bare essentials means that it is compatible with the vast majority of cameras, old or new – which likely includes yours.

For cameras designed during or after the 70s, Tiny Flash is simply mounted onto the hot-shoe, like any modern flash. And if your camera is older, like an older Leica M body, then you can connect Tiny Flash via the PC sync port of your camera.

Just like Charging Your Smartphone

To make things even easier and convenient, we have designed Tiny Flash with integrated batteries. This means you will no longer have to do go through the logistics of carrying a battery-charger, taking out the batteries of your flash, charging them, and putting them back in. Tiny Flash recharges via its own USB Type-C port, just like the majority of smartphones. You can charge it from the mains, from a laptop, or from any other USB power socket. You can even charge it on-the-go, directly from the charging port of your Android smartphone. This will give you a few bursts of power in just a couple of minutes.

Smart Power Management

Another first for Tiny Flash is the implementation of a smart power management function. Traditional timers on a flash meant that your flash would power off without you realising, making you miss the shot once your aim your camera. With Tiny Flash, a motion-sensing accelerometer coupled with an algorithm will detect your movements, and keep the flash ready-to-fire until you put your camera to rest.

You won’t miss that precious street shot again.

One Button. One Mode.

One button. One mode. From powering ON and OFF to testing and to shooting, Tiny flash has only one button to do everything.

We’ve stripped off the concept of flash from its redundant functions, and counterproductive automations, and reduced it down to the bare essentials.

Controlling exposure is simply achieved through adjusting aperture (and sensitivity for digital) in relation to the distance. Turn it on, adjust aperture, shoot. Just like that.

Unobtrusive Design

One crucial consideration for many photographers is how our gear looks. Not so much because we want to look good, but because our tools will influence the behaviour of our subjects.

Camera flashes are scary-looking things that don’t always help approaching people.

Tiny Flash addresses this issue by being the most inconspicuous piece of lighting equipment. Its size and design, carefully crafted after modernist aesthetics principles, make it barely noticeable when mounted on a camera.

For Photographers Who Don't Use Flash

With Tiny Flash, we aimed at developing a tool for all photographers, from the ones who invariably use strobes, to the ones who never use flash, to those among us who only occasionally need that extra dose of photons. It is for pro photographers on their personal time, or photojournalists that need to travel very light and only need flash punctually, or on the streets with advanced enthusiasts.

The Problem

As photographers, we sometimes miss crucial shots because there is just not enough light at hand. Some of us address these situations with a flash, but these are often added bulk we just don’t want to carry around. Not to mention, operating a flash often involves confusing settings, and the cumbersome logistics of managing batteries and chargers. Not to mention compatibility problems, particularly with old cameras. These can make using a flash a daunting process, especially for those among us who favour a more candid approach to their practice.

The Solution

At MOON we decided to address these issues. We set out to produce a camera flash that breaks from those impracticalities, and gets photographers a strobe always at hand.

To achieve this, we applied the same underlying principles of industrial and user experience design that were at the heart of some of the most practical innovations in photography: from Oskar Barnack’s invention of the compact 35mm Leica bodies, to Yoshihisa Maitani’s compact and efficient Olympus camera systems. Our aim was to devise and fine-tune the most optimal compromise between size, burst-power, battery life, recycle time, and ease-of-use, and reduce it in the most essential package. The result is an elegant solution – a flash that’s compact enough to be with you at all times, in your pocket or mounted onto your camera. One that is effortless to operate, and does only what you need, perfectly.



W 57.5 x D 44 x H 26.5 mm (H 30.5mm with the hot shoe)

W 2.2″ x D 1.7″ x H 1″ (H 1.2″ with the hot shoe)

Guide number: 12

Focal length: 30mm at 35mm equivalent

Flash recycle rate: 4 seconds

Bursts per charge: approx. 100

Compatibility: Majority of camera hot-shoes (ISO 5182006), and older cameras with cold-shoes via the PC sync port.